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The Kansas City Chiefs aren’t exactly known for breaking from the traditional uniforms. But, one fan came up with an interesting idea for a new uniform for the team. The idea was posted to REDDIT. After all, the Chiefs haven’t worn something other than traditional uniforms since 2009. But, REDDIT users had a few good ideas for what the team should wear next. Check out their suggestions below!

Memes About Jamaal Charles

Memes about Jamaal Charles on RedDit have been a trending topic lately, with many people questioning his comeback potential. While he has yet to publicly declare that he’s ready for another comeback, many of the Arrowhead Pride writers have included him in their lists of the greatest Chiefs of all time. At the time of writing, Jamaal ranks seventh on the list, behind six other players who have been selected into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. However, Charles is not eligible for the Hall of Fame yet, which makes his status a little more murky.

With the game tying at 24-24 with less than a minute left, the Chiefs decided to give the ball to Jamaal Charles for the final play of the game. He had earlier fumbled, which the Broncos recovered and led to the game-winning touchdown. However, the meme creators were quick to point out that Jamaal Charles’ fumble was the result of a poor play call by Andy Reid and inefficient clock management.

Memes About Patrick Mahomes

Memes about Patrick Mahomes have become more common these days. While the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback is unpopular with some fans, the fiancee of his brother, Jackson, can be somewhat redeemable. And while his brother is almost universally hated, his wife is a bit more palatable. Memes about Mahomes on Reddit are not limited to the football field.

While Patrick Mahomes leads the Chiefs by 2.5 points after Sunday’s game, his younger brother, Jackson, is watching the Bills game from the sidelines. During the game, Mahomes poured water on a Ravens fan, who taunted him in the game. Despite the taunts, he’s still gaining popularity online. And his wife has even started a charity to stop bullying.

The NFL season is far from over. Patrick and his team are in the playoffs, and fans and media are speculating about a rematch. The Chiefs defeated the Bills 38-24 in 2014, but they’ve lost twice this year. The Bills defeated the Chiefs in Week 5 earlier this season. Josh Allen famously leapt over Chiefs cornerback L-Jarius Snee to score a first down.

Memes About Hill

A recent Reddit thread has featured a range of funny memes about Capitol Hill. Among the funniest are those that mock CNN and other journalists. The user of the page has apologized for the meme, and he has promised to not post the meme again. CNN has recently been a target of President Donald Trump’s “fake news” attacks, and the meme is likely to have resurfaced due to the scandal surrounding an associate of his dealings with a Russian state bank.

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